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Jay park confesses following a charge of indecent lyrics could offend Muslims.

Jay Park, rapper
Jay Park, rapper

Jay Park, rapper and head of the hip-hop label AOMG, apologized on Friday for his “Allah” lyric in “mucking! (remix),” following a growing complaint that it could offend Muslims.

“in tune called Mukkbang,’ i used a line ‘worship me like Allah,’ which lots of humans took offense to. In the beginning, I didn’t see the trouble, but as I study the feedback, not the hateful ones. However, the ones who are in reality trying to educate on why it’s offensive.

I see that I used the phrase some are willing to die at the back of my lyrics. And it’s now not my area to use something which means so much to the Muslim humans in my rap lyrics freely,” the artist wrote on his Twitter.

“I make an apology to all my Muslim fans. The motive was in no way to disrespect or offend, and that I will be more aware going forth. I like and appreciate every person from all unique cultures, ethnicities, and religions.”

The song “mukkbang! (remix)” is compiled in Lil cherry & goldbuuda’s “chef talk” album, which changed into launched ultimate December. The song capabilities several verses from the park.

Following the backlash from listeners that the Korean rapper is being disrespectful, the park had, first of all, replied to the criticism on may 27 with a curt put up that said, “to me, it’s just lyrics, to a few it’s extra serious. Easy as that.”

But on the day after today, the park decided to delete the initial response and made a more remarkable sincere apology beginning with, “I humbly make an apology.”

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