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Alok Jha: An Undeniably Successful Name in the Indian Digital Marketing Industry

Digital marketing has seen continuously increasing demand ever since the Internet became a recognized tool to take businesses and enterprises to the next level and thereby enhance reach and generate more revenue. The Indian digital marketing industry has to itself a lot of companies and firms that claim to provide world class services but what sets “Forever Media and Technology pvt ltd.” apart is that it is one of very few firms that actually deliver the promised results. This is exactly what makes “Forever Media” a rapidly thriving digital marketing firm.

The CEO and founder of “Forever Media and technology pvt ltd.”, Alok Jha also Known as “Forever Alok” who comes from the town of Madhubani in Bihar. He is currently in 4th year of college and is about to graduate with a B.Tech degree from JIIT, Noida. This young boy started his digital marketing firm when he was still in first year of college. At a time when most students have minimal to zero vision about life, Alok was already inclined towards setting the foundational bricks to his future. 

Since childhood, Alok Jha was always interested in learning new skills and developing and realizing his potential. This insistent approach to keep on trying out new fields is the reason why Alok decided to find a foothold in the digital marketing industry. He says that digital marketing was never really his first choice but he continued working in this industry after recognizing how much his clients and customers were already content with his services. 

“Forever Media” is a very promising digital marketing firm in India which is trusted by many high revenue generating businesses, enterprises, artists and Bollywood A-listers and celebrities. Alok Jha has managed to provide top quality Internet based services like Search Engine Optimization, personal branding, social media management, social media marketing and online consultancies. With “Forever Media,” Alok has provided immense delight and satisfaction to hundreds and thousands of businesses, celebrities, sportspersons and politicians. 

In a candid interview, when asked about the techniques he employs in his approach towards clients, he said, “My first and foremost priority has always been to understand the client’s demands. If I don’t pay attention to what my client wants, it’ll be difficult for me to offer the most accurate plan of action. That is why, my team always focuses on getting to know the client’s expectations so that we can strategize accordingly. I’ve a record of not leaving the task unless and until my customer gives a satisfied nod. This is how I ensure that anyone who takes Forever Media’s services attaches a positive association to my firm.”

Alok Jha is definitely one of the most promising young entrepreneurs in the digital marketing world. The authenticity and validity that his firm has provided is beyond excellence. We can safely say that it won’t take long for Alok Jha and “Forever Media” to go international and earn twice the amount of recognition and appreciation that they receive in India.

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